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Shadow stretch ceiling in Tbilisi

Where the stretch ceiling meets the wall, you can often see a “mini-plinth” – a narrow rubber plug. Its presence often upsets clients who want to order a stretch ceiling in Tbilisi. A wonderful alternative can be the EuroKraab shadow stretch ceiling, with the effect of a floating ceiling due to the visual separation of the ceiling from the wall.

EuroKraab: novelty in the design of stretch ceilings

We are talking about the patented profile system from EvroKraab Systems TM. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that after installation, due to the absence of a technological gap, there is no need for a decorative insert. The result is the effect of a stylish contour-shadow, which makes the decoration of the room unusual and spectacular.

More recently, the shadow gap has been exploited for the first time in Europe, and soon the trend has become widespread. The advantage of the gap is the clear color separation of the ceiling and wall space. When a client orders a standard colored canvas, the decorative insert often does not match in color, causing dissonance. The shadow option easily solves this problem.

Since the basis of the stretch ceiling is PVC film, it is easy to damage it during the subsequent renovation of the room – pasting and painting the walls. The use of a “shadow” ceiling closes this issue, and the client can make any changes to the environment without any risks to the ceiling decoration.теневой натяжной потолок недорого в тбилиси

Benefits of a shadow ceiling

The EuroKraab profile allows you to make the purchase of a stretch ceiling profitable for a number of reasons:

  1. Uneven walls will appear smoother with a shadow gap (its width is about 6 mm).
  2. The Eurokraab profile allows you to completely abandon the decorative insert.
  3. The matte canvas will be indistinguishable from drywall.
  4. The perimeter insert is not required due to the special design of the profile system.
  5. Due to the shaded abutment, the illusion of a contour is created, which benefits many times if the illumination is additionally used.

Shadow ceiling: the issue price

The cost of installing the Eurocrab profile will depend on factors such as:

  • The cost of installing the Eurocrab profile will depend on such factors as: the number of running meters of the shadow profile;
  • stretch ceiling material area;
  • the number of mortgages for lighting fixtures;
  • additional points (LED backlighting, layering, photo printing, etc.).

Features of mounting a shadow profile

  • Due to the ideally even indentation of the ceiling from the wall, it is possible to use embossed materials in decoration, starting with tiles and bricks, and ending with decorative plaster and wallpaper with texture.
  • The shadow profile is 2 m long, so it will not be difficult for installers to deliver the product to the site using a regular elevator. This allows you to speed up the installation and complete the installation in the shortest possible time.
  • Due to the even perimeter and ideal right angles, it is possible to use plasterboard structures in the adjacent space.
  • If necessary, wallpapering or painting the walls can be done after the work has been completed, since the shadow gap does not interfere with this.
  • The seam area will be clear and accentuated. If this effect is undesirable, it is better to opt for the gapless option.

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Why us?

The installation and installation of a shadow ceiling is still a novelty for many craftsmen, but at the same time it requires a lot of experience and skill. Our craftsmen have all the professional knowledge and skills necessary to complete such a task.

We will perform high-quality installation, in which there will be no sagging of the canvas and wrinkles.

At the request of the customer and taking into account the characteristics of the premises, we will mount a single-level, two-level or multi-level structure.

Contact our company Master Ceiling if you want to become the owner of a beautiful and practical shadow stretch ceiling in Tbilisi. We also work in Batumi and travel to any region of Georgia!

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