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The soaring stretch ceiling in Tbilisi

The soaring stretch ceiling, or otherwise – a “floating” ceiling, – thanks to the LED illumination placed on perimeter, visually increases height and the sizes of the room and creates the effect of suspended from the walls ceiling covering which is soaring in the air. The pleasant and slightly muffled lighting, and also effect of soaring allow to expand the room space and to make it more cozy and modern.


Such ceiling is capable to add the note of distinguished beauty and originality to any room.

If the ceiling is drawn by a LED multi-colored tape, in this case you will be able to switch on, switch off and change the intensity and chromaticity of the illumination by means of the control panel.

This type of a ceiling inherits all kinds of advantages which other stretch ceiling constructions have : long service life, safety, concealment of different defects on a basic ceiling, reliable protection against flooding by neighbors living up the floor, an opportunity to hide communications, convenience and indiscriminateness in care.

The Master Ceiling manufacturing company establishes the “soaring” stretch ceilings. We work in Tbilisi and we also leave for fulfillment of orders to the regions of Georgia.

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