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Actions and Novelties

Double Vision is a stretch ceiling with a mood!

Want some real magic in the interior? And it is quite affordable! This miracle is the stretch ceiling Double Vision, which is able to change the image applied to it.

How to create an amazing Double Vision effect?

Double Vision ceilings will fit into any interior: both in a living room (for example, in a cozy bedroom or living room), and in a conference room, a restaurant hall, a hotel lobby or a business center. It all depends on the design features of the ceiling!

Натяжной потолок Double Vision в Тбилиси от Master Ceiling

There are two main types of double vision ceilings with hidden LED lighting:

  1. Monochrome before turning on the LEDs, and with a picture – with the backlight turned on. That is, in the daytime it is a standard, universal ceiling – usually white. But it is necessary to press the switch – the LEDs will show the previously hidden pattern, applied by one-sided photo printing on the reverse side of the stretch ceiling.
  2. They have two patterns: the first visible without illumination, and the second – appearing when the LEDs are turned on. For this effect, a photo print is applied on both sides of the ceiling. The “night” picture can somehow complement the “daytime” (say, if the sky is depicted – stars can appear on it and the moon shines, if the city – windows can light up in houses, etc.), or it can completely overlap it ( for example, LEDs can highlight circular linear ornament).

The plots of the images can also be different. Double Vision ceilings are produced with fantasy and realistic landscapes, with an imitation of the sky, with reproductions of the ceiling frescoes of famous artists, with abstract patterns …

Натяжной потолок Double Vision от Master Ceiling в Тбилиси Установка натяжного потолка Double Vision в Тбилиси
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The variety and fantastic beauty of these ceilings truly fascinates!

How are double vision ceilings mounted?

The stretch ceiling double view is mounted, in fact, the same way as a regular stretch ceiling. The only difference is in fixing the LEDs, thanks to which the stunning effect of the double-illuminated pattern is possible.

  1. First, the common frame of the whole structure is mounted.
  2. Then fix and connect to the power LEDs.
  3. After that, it remains only to stretch and finally fix the material with the printed image.

The impression that this ceiling makes is breathtaking!

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