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Actions and Novelties

Ceilings with light lines: a new technology to create beauty!

LED ice strip allows you to make amazing experiments with lighting of anything (walls, furniture, interior items, scenes). Including stretch ceilings. Stretch ceilings with light lines have become one of the successful and surprising results of such experiments!

Stretch ceiling with light lines is an art object created with the help of new technologies!

Натяжной потолок со световыми линиями в Тблиси, от Master Ceiling

Such masterpieces are created with the help of appropriate components: additional profiles for the LED strip, bent into the desired patterns and shapes, are arranged and fastened behind the film.

As a result, in the afternoon the ceiling is standard, ordinary (monophonic, multilevel, with a soldering of flowers), and in the evening, when the lighting is turned on, shining patterns and lines appear on it!

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Such lighting can be used together with the main light source (chandelier, ceiling lamp, spot recessed lights, ice panels), and independently.

The latter option allows you to create in the room a beautiful, light glow in combination with twilight, allowing you to comfortably watch movies or communicate company.

Order a stretch ceiling with light lines from Master Ceiling! We work in Tbilisi, Batumi, we leave for the regions of Georgia!

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