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Multilevel stretch ceilings in Tbilisi

Multilevel stretch ceilings are in the increased demand not for the first year. Unlike the classical single-level area, multilevel (double-level) constructions, direct or curvilinear allow to divide the space of the room to several areas, different in height.


If earlier, for creation of a multilevel ceiling the stretch ceiling was used as the top level, and the gypsum cardboard framework — as the lower level ( as a result it turned out to be a bulky construction, collaterally acting as “dust collector”) then for today all parts of a multilevel stretch ceiling are created from a cloth — easy, strong, waterproof, allowing to design and mount a difficult multilevel stretch ceiling by the individual order in a few days.

The multilevel stretch ceiling can combine in itself several colors and textures that gives to a ceiling special style and decorative effect.

The Master Ceiling Company offers installation of multilevel stretch ceilings to residents of Tbilisi. Also, we work about the regions of Georgia.

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