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What is the French ceiling

One of the names of stretch ceilings is French ceilings. Let’s try to figure out why.

The decoration of the ceilings with cloth was known to the ancient Greeks and Romans. But it was only available to the rich. It took a lot of cloth to drape, and not everyone could afford it.

The French ceiling in Tbilisi

It is known that in the amphitheaters over the heads of noble spectators stretched fabric to protect the aristocracy from the scorching sun during the gladiatorial battles and performances of artists.

French ceiling in Batumi

In Armenia in the 17th century, a prototype of stretch ceiling construction was also used: a thin cotton cloth impregnated with chalk mortar was stretched onto the frame. The chalk dried up, the fabric stretched and, as a result, a perfectly flat surface was obtained.

In Western Europe, with other ways of creating and finishing the ceiling, the stretch options were forgotten for a long time, until the 60s of the past, the 20th, the century. It is believed that the original stretch ceilings returned to life in Sweden. However, it was the French who suggested using light and practical polyvinyl chloride film instead of heavy fabrics. It is the French that have perfected the technology of film production and the construction of stretch ceilings. Because this way of finishing the ceiling is rightly called the French stretch ceilings.

This design was easier to install and less expensive, and therefore affordable to many segments of the population.

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