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Fabric ceilings in Tbilisi from Master Ceiling professionals

The fabric stretch ceiling is a successful, convenient and hi-tech decision for a modern interior. This version of the design of the ceiling surface is practical and looks decent. Both the installation wizard and numerous customers who have made their choice in favor of the fabric ceiling have already managed to verify this.

Fabric ceiling: what it is made of and what it looks like

For such stretch ceilings, a special technical fabric (polystyrene) has been created. It is based on synthetic fibers that are coated with special impregnating substances to impart the desired properties.

To keep the fabric on the ceiling and remain flat, it is stretched on the perimeter of the frame structure.

Polystyrene differs from PVC in permeability – that is, moisture is able to penetrate through it. This is an advantage for a residential cottage – condensate will not collect under the ceiling panel. The walls and floors of the building itself, as well as atmospheric air, contain some amount of evaporating moisture – and it can settle inside the stretch ceiling. The fabric stretch ceiling will let through these micro-drops of water, and the condensate will evaporate without damaging the material. And this is partly a minus for an apartment – it will not save the room from being flooded by its neighbors.

When stretched, polystyrene is not deformed and does not go “waves” on the ceiling, and if a material is cut, the defect will remain only at the place of the cut or puncture: the arrow or the gap will not spread further.

The canvas for the ceiling looks like a dense, lint-free, matte fabric (with a visible interweaving of threads).

Why is it better to choose a fabric ceiling?

Fabric ceilings should be chosen if:

  • You want to get the visual effect of a single-tone fabric texture on the ceiling – this is a beautiful solution for an “aristocratic” interior in any color.
  • You want to make a hand-painted on the ceiling: stretched fabric can be a canvas for the work of the painter. Pattern or pattern – to your taste.
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  • Requires a ceiling that is well tolerant of heat or coolness.

Another advantage becomes visible when installing the ceiling – the panel is simply mechanically tensioned onto the frame without heating (unlike PVC, the panel is heated from it).

In addition, this material is environmentally friendly and safe for human health!

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