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Perforated stretch ceilings APPLY in Tbilisi from the Master Ceiling team!

The potential of stretch ceilings never ceases to amaze with the number of more and more new ideas implemented. One of the latest and current developments in this direction have become carved stretch ceilings or just apply.


Their essence is in the application of several (most often two) layers of stretch ceilings, while the lower layer has decorative and artistic slits.

Резные натяжные потолки в Тбилиси

This approach to decorating the interior greatly expands the possibilities of the designer, given the fact that there are no limitations in the colors of stretch ceilings and in the form of perforations on them. If we add to this an extraordinary lamp, we can achieve absolutely fantastic lighting effects by changing the position of the lamps and hiding them behind a perforated or continuous layer of the stretch ceiling.

Creating ceilings apply is not unusual. They are installed as classic stretch ceilings. Therefore, the structure of the material they have the same. But carved ceilings consist of several layers of PVC film. Layers contrast or tint differ in color and pattern.

Two films of a carved ceiling: solid upper (red) and lower with a carved pattern (white)

Two films of a carved ceiling: solid upper (red) and lower with a carved pattern (white)

And after applying carved (cut) patterns on the bottom canvas, through the slits you can see the top film. With the right selection of color palette, the effect is amazing!

The specialist who installs the perforated ceiling should have an idea of how to properly match colors and shapes. Appeared and challenges of the technical kind. Installing at least two layers of stretch ceilings is pretty hard. You need to guess with the distance between them in order to achieve the desired effect and not “steal” a lot of working space.

If everything is done correctly, you will find yourself in a completely new atmosphere of the interior.

Our experts can create a great miracle even with a small space!

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