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Classic stretch ceilings in Tbilisi and Georgia

Opaque, glossy and sateen stretch ceilings belong to classic ceilings. They are the most widespread and popular. Classic stretch ceilings have the following characteristics and advantages:

  1. Allow to create ideally plain surface.
  2. The film is eco-friendly and safe for health.
  3. The rich color palette is available (we offer more than 100 colors).
  4. When mounting a ceiling installation of different types of lighting is possible.
  5. Water resistance (maintains up to 100 liters of water on 1 square meter, after flooding the initial condition of a ceiling is easily restored).
  6. It is unpretentious in care, also the film is antistatic and doesn’t attract dust.
  7. We confirm its durability with a guarantee for 12 years.

We offer residents of Tbilisi and regions of Georgia to order one of types of classic stretch ceilings: opaque, glossy or sateen.

Glossy stretch ceilings

Glossy stretch ceiling is the most popular. The smooth reflecting surface visually does the room bigger and higher which is actual for small rooms with low ceilings. Also glossy ceilings of light tones are irreplaceable in badly lit rooms as they do them visually lighter and more spacious.

During creation of such ceiling combinations from different colors and additions from other textures look stylish. The condensate doesn’t gather on a glossy ceiling which allows to establish it in a bathroom and in kitchen.

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Opaque stretch ceilings

The appearance of opaque stretch ceilings imitates a covering of ideally equal gypsum cardboard ceiling. The material of an opaque ceiling doesn’t reflect the sunlight that allows to avoid the irritating solar patches of light and reflections.

Presented by a rich color palette, the opaque stretch ceiling will become favorable and esthetically harmonious decision, both for inhabited and office apartments.

shekiduli jerebi sak’art’veloshifranguli cheri sak’art’veloshigasachimi cheri sak’art’veloshi

Sateen stretch ceilings

Sateen stretch ceilings are the middle variant between glossy and opaque. Sateen ceilings have the minimum reflecting properties, during the day or artificial lighting the effect of nacre is noted. Smooth and unostentatious color modulations give to an interior a unique charm, at the same time without allowing the spreading of patches of sunlight or lighting devices. A sateen cloth differs by its ideal smoothness and high durability.

franguli gasachimi cherebibarisolis cheri sak’art’veloshibarisolis cherebi sak’art’veloshi

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