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Texture stretch ceilings in Tbilisi

Texture stretch ceilings are the ceilings imitating a certain decorative covering. The cloths of texture ceilings creating visual effect of suede, a velvet, a tree, marble, nacre, metallic color, a stone, the Venetian plaster are the most popular. Texture stretch ceilings belong to elite ceiling finishing.


Sometimes there can be met the unusual image on a cloth of a textrue ceiling : skin, skins of animals, mosaic images.
The texture image of a stretch ceiling is applied to a glossy or opaque cloth by the vacuum or thermal way. The image is transferred with the high precision allowing to consider both a chip of a stone, the color transition, and the “fleece” direction.

At the same time, the quality of texture stretch ceilings doesn’t differ from quality of classic stretch ceilings: the texture ceilings are the same waterproof, strong, anti-static, don’t burn out, are easily restored after flooding, are durable. The same warranty period extends to them for 12 years .

The Master Ceiling Company offers installation of effective texture stretch ceilings to residents of Tbilisi and regions of Georgia.

LW1-3D (brocade)


LW2-Mosaic (scales)


LW5-Leaflets (Petals)


LW6-Dream (Circles)


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