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Frequently asked questions

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Stretch ceilings in Tbilisi and Georgia

The Master Ceiling Сompany installs stretch ceilings in Tbilisi and other cities of Georgia. More than 100 colors are available , a variety of textures, fulfillment of multilevel constructions, soldering of colors, art ceilings (stretch ceilings with drawing of the drawing by means of the UV printing (ultra-violet)), volume 3D - ceilings, "stellar sky", and not only!
Comparison of stretch ceilings with other types: whitewashing, gypsum cardboard, overhead ceiling. Be convinced of advantages of our stretch ceilings! Comparison

Frequently asked questions

Barrisol ceilings is a group of companies which has appeared in France in 1967. Barrisol is one of three firms (New Mat, Barissol, Extenzo), ancestor of the French stretch ceilings. Presently besides France more than 5 companies from such countries of Europe as Germany, Italy, Belgium are engaged in production of stretch ceilings.

Everywhere, even in a bathroom! The cost of a stretch ceiling is no more than the cost of a ceiling from gypsum cardboard together with necessary works on putty and painting. A stretch ceiling is very beautiful, quick in installation and what is more important is already available in cost.

We have more than 100 colors and textures of stretch ceilings to be available. Any color is beautiful and original by itself. The master ,having arrived to you absolutely free of charge, will show the catalogue and will surely advise the best variant of color and the texture of a stretch ceiling for your interior.

Our company gives a guarantee for 12 years, and ceiling service life more than 50 years.

The measurement, production of a cloth and installation is possible from one day time. Direct installation of a ceiling will take only 2-3 hours.

Yes it is possible, our experts can fulfill installation of chandeliers, lamps and LED panels.

The stretch ceiling is unpretentious, the dust doesn't accumulate on it, the color of a ceiling doesn't burn out, it shouldn't be painted, just wipe it with a rag for glasses (microfiber) moisten in warm water.

From 4 cm. Unlike the ceilings from gypsum cardboard where the level can fall by 15 cm and more.

Yes, it is possible. A part of a construction can be from gypsum cardboard and a part from a stretch ceiling. Nowadays there have appeared new technologies when the special framework fitted by a film is gathered. Such design looks more beautifully than gypsum cardboard and wins according to its characteristics: it shouldn't be painted, the surface doesn't split. We give a guarantee for such constructions for 12 years.

The measurement in Tbilisi and to 15-20 km around the city is free of charge.

Yes we work, apply for detailed information by phone: 558 77 88 53

Stretch ceiling – an easy and safe construction which is capable to change the room literally. The small room can be made visually higher and more spacious if to install a glossy mirror stretch ceiling in it . And multilevel constructions with impressive films, such as “brocade”, “suede” or “velour”, give to an interior the effect of stylish and cozy luxury.

While creating ceilings we use materials with certificates of quality, and we make drawing of the drawing on a cloth of a ceiling by means of the UV printing (ultra-violet) which is more eco-friendly in comparison with other types (solvent and ecosolvent) printing. Therefore, we have the full right to declare that our ceilings are safe for health.

Installation of a stretch ceiling by our specialists occupies the minimum terms – starting from 2 o’clock . The process of installation itself is rather accurate and you won’t have any need to take out tons of construction debris after our work. In several hours you will admire a new beautiful ceiling!

Do you have any question? Contact our consultant and receive the detailed answer on any question of stretch ceilings. Phone: 558 77 88 53