Actions and Novelties

The main advantages of stretch ceilings in comparison with drywall

Sunday June 23rd, 2024

We collide with the fact that many clients consider gypsum plaster ceilings to be more profitable and cheaper option in comparison with tension ones. And although we present on the site a comparison of different types of ceiling finishes, we do not get tired of talking about it each time verbally and in writing 🙂

Let’s remind the main advantages of stretch ceilings in comparison with plasterboard ceilings

Stretch ceiling: (more…)

Installation of a spectacular two-level stretch ceiling with a decorative design in Tbilisi

Saturday June 15th, 2024

Such a beautiful contrasting two-level stretch ceiling was set by our team for a client from Tbilisi.


Questions about the installation of stretch ceilings from Master Ceiling clients

Thursday May 23rd, 2024

Customers often ask us questions about the optimal time for ordering stretch ceilings, as well as installation work and their duration. Answers to them will be presented below.


Installation of glossy stretch ceiling in Tbilisi by the team of Master Ceiling

Thursday April 4th, 2024

Installed another beautiful glossy stretch ceiling in Tbilisi. This is how our specialists from Ukraine work.

Master Ceiling – 10 years of work in the installation of a stretch ceiling.


Contour stretch ceilings from Master Ceiling in Tbilisi

Sunday March 17th, 2024

We expand the range of ceiling novelties: install contour stretch ceilings in Tbilisi, Batumi and Georgia! (more…)

We install multi-level stretch ceilings, without plasterboard box!

Thursday March 7th, 2024

Many customers come to us with the desire to order a multi-level suspended ceiling and, according to old memory, consider it necessary to order a plasterboard box, which will serve as the lower level that frames the main ceiling part.

And they are sincerely surprised when they find out that this very second level is absolutely calmly made also from PVC profiles and film 😉

Eternal classic for ceilings: black gloss in a white matte frame

Monday February 19th, 2024

For those who appreciate the eternal classics, we recommend installing a black-and-white ceiling, as in the example of the Master Ceiling team’s work on video.

The black gloss itself is beautiful and effective. And the best frame for him is the absolute contrast – white matte material, which will emphasize the depth and nobility of black color. (more…)

Ceilings with light lines: a new technology to create beauty!

Tuesday February 6th, 2024

LED ice strip allows you to make amazing experiments with lighting of anything (walls, furniture, interior items, scenes). Including stretch ceilings. Stretch ceilings with light lines have become one of the successful and surprising results of such experiments!


How to glue wallpaper with a stretch ceiling?

Sunday January 14th, 2024

Such a question was asked by our client. To him we installed the suspended ceiling earlier. He was faced with the question of cleaning from the wall of the old wallpaper and gluing new ones.

We assume that this question will be of interest to other people.

The answer is simple: at the junction of the wall and ceiling, the wallpaper will have to be trimmed – both in the case of removal and in the case of gluing. But you need to trim very carefully with a paint knife! And try to minimize the contact of the film and the knife.


How will the stretch ceiling be installed? — Question from customers

Thursday January 4th, 2024

Customers ask us: “How will the installation of a stretch ceiling take place? Tell me more. ”

We tell : )