Actions and Novelties

We are concerned about customer safety. We are against dangerous gas cylinders when installing a stretch ceiling!

Tuesday February 16th, 2021

Maybe you heard (or did not hear) scary stories about the installation of a suspended ceiling at the installers exploding gas cylinders, with the help of which the film is heated to stretch it around the perimeter. Such stories sometimes happen – due to the use of dangerous propane cylinders and low qualification of installers.

Why can gas in a cylinder explode?


Care of the stretch ceiling

Wednesday February 3rd, 2021

Care of the stretch ceiling is almost not required 😉

If suddenly a spray hits him or the spider tries to build a house) – it is enough to wipe the canvas with a damp microfibre cloth that does not leave any streaks (as for mirrors and glasses).

But ignorance, many try to “generalize” and risk damaging the ceiling film.

Because we have written instructions how NOT to care for the stretch ceiling! (more…)

Do no harm! What can not be done with a stretch ceiling

Sunday January 24th, 2021

Stretch ceiling — a beautiful and durable design, convenient, practical and quick to install. However, if you use it in violation of the operating rules, then no durability and practicality will save the design from damage.

How can one not handle and what should not be done with a stretch ceiling to avoid damage, repair or its replacement?


Happy New Year, dear clients and partners!

Tuesday December 29th, 2020


The year 2020 that is ending has not been easy. So let the coming new year give you all joy, good news, fruitful ideas and opportunities for their implementation, joyful moments, rest and travel, warm family relationships.

May the New Year 2021 help fulfill our plans, find what was lost and multiply happiness. And we will also try to please you with our work and implement all your ideas and wishes.

Happy New Year!

Best regards, Master Ceiling team

How to glue wallpaper with a stretch ceiling?

Wednesday December 16th, 2020

Such a question was asked by our client. To him we installed the suspended ceiling earlier. He was faced with the question of cleaning from the wall of the old wallpaper and gluing new ones.

We assume that this question will be of interest to other people.

The answer is simple: at the junction of the wall and ceiling, the wallpaper will have to be trimmed – both in the case of removal and in the case of gluing. But you need to trim very carefully with a paint knife! And try to minimize the contact of the film and the knife.


Stretch ceiling pricing in Tbilisi

Saturday December 5th, 2020

How much will the stretch ceiling cost? How much is a white glossy ceiling? The price of a soaring ceiling is a frequent question from visitors who are interested in installing a PVC ceiling film.

The fact is that, without having information about the scope of work and about your wishes, we cannot say any kind of sample cost, because it (the cost) is always individual.

We tell how and from what the price of the stretch ceiling is formed.


Stretch ceiling design: which color to choose?

Wednesday November 25th, 2020

The design of a stretch ceiling includes many nuances, namely: colors and shades of the canvas; form (it or multi-level) and additional effects (3D, photo printing, perforation, etc.).

In this article, we will announce the main subtleties and relevance of the color palette of stretch ceilings in a particular room.


How to install a suspended ceiling in a room with ceramic tiles?

Thursday November 12th, 2020

During repair work in rooms with high humidity (baths, kitchens, bathrooms), ceramic tiles are often laid. Installing a stretch ceiling in such rooms is different from installing on walls with wallpaper or painting. Such an installation has a number of specific characteristics and requirements.


Does the stretch ceiling attract dust?

Sunday October 25th, 2020

Despite the fact that stretch ceilings have been actively used in repair work for more than ten years, they are often still viewed as a wonder, attributing unusual and sometimes even paradoxical properties. One of these statements: “stretch ceiling is a magnet for dust.” Let’s see if this really is.


Ceilings with light lines: a new technology to create beauty!

Monday October 5th, 2020

LED ice strip allows you to make amazing experiments with lighting of anything (walls, furniture, interior items, scenes). Including stretch ceilings. Stretch ceilings with light lines have become one of the successful and surprising results of such experiments!