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Do no harm! What can not be done with a stretch ceiling

Stretch ceiling — a beautiful and durable design, convenient, practical and quick to install. However, if you use it in violation of the operating rules, then no durability and practicality will save the design from damage.

How can one not handle and what should not be done with a stretch ceiling to avoid damage, repair or its replacement?

  • It is impossible to install a stretch ceiling in an unheated room – in our climate and colder in winter. In cold weather, the film will become brittle and crack / break.
  • Do not save when choosing a film for a stretch ceiling (you can run into a fake with a persistent chemical smell).
  • Do not install a stretch ceiling before the end of dirty repair and installation works (there is a risk of damage to the ceiling or, at least, dust)
  • Obvious: you do not need to check the ceiling of PVC film for strength and poke sharp objects (knives, forks, etc.) into it.
  • Do not drain the water yourself when flooding or try to repair small cuts and breaks in the film. It is better to entrust it to professionals!
  • It is impossible! Wash the stretch ceiling with brushes and cleaning products with abrasive particles, solvents, and powders.
  • Do not glue on the ceiling decorative elements (bows, butterflies, flowers) – on double-sided tape (traces of adhesive can not be removed from the PVC film)
  • Do not lose phones and other contacts of the company that installed the ceiling for you. It will be much easier and faster for specialists to restore the structure after flooding.

As you can see, nothing special and supernatural: logic and common sense, and a little knowledge about the material from which the ceiling is created.

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