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Features of the stretch ceiling with a seam

Looking at the beautiful and incredible canvas stretch ceiling, sometimes we do not even think that they have a seam. In fact, this is not a rare occurrence.

Ceiling joint (soldering) is a junction of two canvases. Argued that the ceilings with a seam does not look aesthetically pleasing. But this is not at all the case; it is carried out in the production with special equipment, thanks to which the joint is hardly noticeable and is able to withstand heavy loads.

Spliced ceilings look as elegant as seamless. In addition, the technology of using a seam allows to solve a number of both practical and design tasks:

  1. Canvas stretch ceilings have a limited size (from 2.2 to 5 meters in width, depending on the manufacturer). For overlapping rooms of larger size, soldering of two or more canvases is used. The coating is arranged so that the seams are parallel to the window, this makes them little or completely invisible. This is done in the event that the area of the ceiling is larger than the possible area of the PVC sheet.
  2. Spike cloths produced for decorative purposes – to create a stretch ceiling of the films of several colors.

The advantages of a stretch ceiling with a seam

Thanks to soldering, such stretch ceilings have a number of advantages:

  • it is possible to install a ceiling structure in a room of any size;
  • a wide range of colors;
  • combination of two or more textures;
  • resistance to moisture and water flow (in case of flooding);
  • dismantling and replacing one of the webs will not affect the integrity of the structure;
  • ease of care and maintenance, it does not electrify and does not attract dust.

The disadvantages include reduced frost resistance – just like any other kind of stretch ceiling made of PVC film. Therefore, such a ceiling should not be installed in unheated rooms.

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