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How to install a suspended ceiling in a room with ceramic tiles?

During repair work in rooms with high humidity (baths, kitchens, bathrooms), ceramic tiles are often laid. Installing a stretch ceiling in such rooms is different from installing on walls with wallpaper or painting. Such an installation has a number of specific characteristics and requirements.

Specifics of fixing the stretch ceiling

Before laying it is necessary to decide on communication pipes and electric wires. If they are in the room, then you must specify their location and how deep they go.

Tile installation should be entrusted to specialists, since there should be no voids behind it, otherwise it may crack when drilling. For better fixing of the tile, the upper row must be shed with liquid glue. From an aesthetic and practical point of view, tile should be laid right up or 4-5 cm below the level of the base ceiling.

  1. In the first case, the mounting profile will be mounted directly on the tile. In order to avoid chipping the glaze, the line along which the drilling takes place must be glued with masking tape. For making holes, only pen drills for ceramics are used.
  2. he second option is used to avoid drilling tiles. The installation box will be fixed 1–2 cm above the level of the tile, and the installed web will be fixed 1–1.5 cm below the upper face of the laid tile. This method will allow to form a unity of the walls and ceiling, without visual cropping.
  3. In cases when an excessive gap was left when laying the tile (more than 15 cm), and there is no desire to lose the ceiling height, the space between the profile and the tile should be plastered to the same level as the tile of any gypsum-based mortar.

Features of mounting the stretch ceiling to porcelain stoneware without drilling

It’s no secret how difficult it is to drill and cut porcelain or marble tiles. If you plan to lay these materials on the walls, then the top row should not be installed flush with the base ceiling. To easily install a stretch ceiling without drilling, there are several secrets:

  1. Above the top row of porcelain tiles, level the surface of the walls, paving the usual ceramic tiles, which will be well drilled.
  2. If the distance from the top edge of the tile to the ceiling is not great, then a wooden bar is screwed around the perimeter to which the ceiling profile is attached.

Thanks to a wide experience of work and a sufficient set of special tools, installers of the Master Ceiling company will fix the stretch ceiling on a tile made of any materials.

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