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Reuse of stretch ceiling

When carrying out repair work, many ask whether it is possible to dismantle the canvas in one room and install it in another? Our answer: of course!

It’s no secret that the stretch ceiling is a strong and durable coating that can maintain its appearance even under the influence of sunlight, high humidity and temperature extremes. By installing it once you can forget about the repair of the ceiling for several years. But sometimes situations arise that require a complete change in the design of the room, which can lead to the dismantling of the ceiling structure.

If the removed cloth is in good condition, then it can be reused and installed, for example, in another room.

Carrying out such work is possible only in cases where the shape and size of the ceilings are identical.

To take into account all the nuances in this matter, you can not do without consulting a specialist – measurer. If a professional approves the idea of reinstallation, the installers dismantle the canvas in one room and quickly install it in another. And you can save not only money, but also time for repair work.

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