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How to drain water from a flooded stretch ceiling?

If such a nuisance happened to you and your neighbors flooded you, the stretch ceiling will serve as a buffer, hold water and prevent the laminate and furniture in the room from spoiling. But water must be drained, and the ceiling must be restored.

There are two ways:

  1. call installation specialists (preferably those who installed this ceiling for you) and entrust work to them;
  2. try to drain the water and restore the ceiling yourself.

We make a reservation in advance – we are of course the first option! And that’s why.

The fact is that you can drain water from a kind of bag, into which the flooded ceiling of PVC film has turned, you can do it yourself. To do this, remove the chandelier (after disconnecting the electricity in the switchboard!), Direct water into the installation hole and drain into a regular bucket.

And the difficult part starts after that. After all, now the ceiling needs to be dried and returned to its original perfectly smooth and even appearance.

Under the weight of water, the PVC film can stretch a little and it will be necessary to heat it again with a heat gun and even repeat the process of installing the film in the ceiling profile. Here you can not do without professional equipment, experience and confident hands of a specialist.

Therefore, if the flooding is serious and you see a fairly strong sagging of the ceiling under the weight of water – we recommend that you do not experiment and call installers to restore the structure. And repair payment – to take from the neighbors who staged a “flood”.

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