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How to glue wallpaper with a stretch ceiling?

Such a question was asked by our client. To him we installed the suspended ceiling earlier. He was faced with the question of cleaning from the wall of the old wallpaper and gluing new ones.

We assume that this question will be of interest to other people.

The answer is simple: at the junction of the wall and ceiling, the wallpaper will have to be trimmed – both in the case of removal and in the case of gluing. But you need to trim very carefully with a paint knife! And try to minimize the contact of the film and the knife.

For example, placing between them a wide spatula (450-600 mm). The spatula will serve as a buffer between the blade and the ceiling film. After cutting the wallpaper, moisten it with water, let it acidify and remove. With a careful approach, damage to the PVC film can be avoided.

If it is necessary to trim the newly glued wallpaper, this should only be done with scissors! Not a knife. With a knife, you can make an uneven cut and fix it can only be plywood.

Of course, you can go on a safer, and therefore more expensive way. Stretch ceilings are easily dismantled and stretched again, without losing their appearance. True, in this option it is necessary to pay for dismantling and installation services to specialists.

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