Actions and Novelties

Is the smell of stretch ceilings dangerous?

Monday June 1st, 2020

When installing a stretch ceiling, or more precisely – when heating a PVC linen with a heat gun, a noticeable chemical smell appears in the room.

Is it dangerous?

To begin with, if the film is of high quality, then the smell disappears quickly, in 3-5 days, and has no negative effect on well-being. (more…)

Floating suspended ceilings in Tbilisi, Batumi, from Master Ceiling!

Tuesday May 19th, 2020

The range of ceilings is much wider than plain canvases and multi-level options. Special effects and design options are many. And one of the most spectacular options is soaring stretch ceiling.

Its feature is hidden in its name: it is called soaring because of the fact that, with the lights on, it creates the illusion that the ceiling does not touch the walls and hangs in the air! (more…)

The main advantages of stretch ceilings in comparison with drywall

Tuesday May 5th, 2020

We collide with the fact that many clients consider gypsum plaster ceilings to be more profitable and cheaper option in comparison with tension ones. And although we present on the site a comparison of different types of ceiling finishes, we do not get tired of talking about it each time verbally and in writing 🙂

Let’s remind the main advantages of stretch ceilings in comparison with plasterboard ceilings

Stretch ceiling: (more…)

How to drain water from a flooded stretch ceiling?

Saturday May 2nd, 2020

If such a nuisance happened to you and your neighbors flooded you, the stretch ceiling will serve as a buffer, hold water and prevent the laminate and furniture in the room from spoiling. But water must be drained, and the ceiling must be restored.

There are two ways:


We select the shape of the stretch ceiling

Wednesday March 4th, 2020

What do we mean by “choose the shape of the stretch ceiling”?

Only that everything that is more complicated than the classic single-level ceiling (multi-level, 3D) usually carries some kind of goal:

Stretch ceiling pricing in Tbilisi

Wednesday February 26th, 2020

How much will the stretch ceiling cost? How much is a white glossy ceiling? The price of a soaring ceiling is a frequent question from visitors who are interested in installing a PVC ceiling film.

The fact is that, without having information about the scope of work and about your wishes, we cannot say any kind of sample cost, because it (the cost) is always individual.

We tell how and from what the price of the stretch ceiling is formed.


Recessed luminaires for stretch ceilings: features of choice

Thursday February 20th, 2020

To stretch ceilings is not always suitable for any type of lighting. When choosing options, you need to consider everything, including their heating temperature, which can be critical for sensitive ceiling material. The best option for these purposes will be embedded spotlights.

Spot lights are not a chandelier and do not pursue the goal to attract attention. Their purpose is purely practical, therefore they have a predominantly minimalistic form. Otherwise, their possibilities are unlimited. From what shade of luminescence and what brightness the lamps will have, how many of them are installed and how they will be located, this or that mood, created by the lamps in the room, depends. (more…)

We install multi-level stretch ceilings, without plasterboard box!

Saturday February 1st, 2020

Many customers come to us with the desire to order a multi-level suspended ceiling and, according to old memory, consider it necessary to order a plasterboard box, which will serve as the lower level that frames the main ceiling part.

And they are sincerely surprised when they find out that this very second level is absolutely calmly made also from PVC profiles and film 😉

Our works: stretch ceiling with photo printing of the sky and beautiful lighting!

Monday January 20th, 2020

Another example of beautiful photo printing and spectacular lighting for a stretch ceiling. Our work on the video: the installation of a ceiling with a photo of the sky and well-positioned lighting. With the backlight on, the image changes!


Perforated stretch ceilings: price in Tbilisi

Thursday January 16th, 2020

Note to customers who want to order a perforated (carved) stretch ceiling. To clarify the approximate (and even more so the exact) cost, there is little information only about the square of the future flow and possible additional angles.